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“So you want to be a movie star?” “No, I want to be a record producer.” “That’s even better.”

Jimmy Sloan interviewing Andy Warhol at age 14. Or is Andy interviewing me?

I will write my own bio ‘cuz I know more about me then anyone else. I grew-up around subversive-pop culture, anti-Vietnam war rhetoric, and the intellectual revolution of Rock-N-Roll in suburban Los Angeles, Orange County, and finally the People’s Republic of Santa Monica.

My father, Aaron Sloan, used to sing The Midnight Rambler to me when I was three years old. By the time I was thirteen I was playing guitar in punk-rock bands around Hollywood and sneaking into Clash, Damned, and Dead Kennedy shows.

When I recorded my first demo at Radio Tokyo in Venice at 16, I decided right then and there that I wanted to learn how to work everything in the studio. By 18 I was second engineering on Nina Hagen and WASP records during the day and sneaking in Decry and The Jones late at night to record. I produced my own band The Prodigal Sons and nearly got a record deal but ended up with a story to tell instead.

After recovering from the LA Glam/Metal/Punk amalgamation of the mid-eighties I decided to open up King Sound & Pictures in La’s Fabulous Fairfax Delta. The Pico/Fairfax area of Los Angeles became “the real home to the Silverlake Sound” where everyone from Social Distortion, J.Lo, Michelle N' Degeocello, Weezer, The Offspring, Scritti Politti, Della Reese, Rod Stewart, Christion, and Monster Magnet, to The Blind Boys of Alabama (Grammy Nominated), Ben Harper, The Carter Brothers, The Watts Prophets, Lift Ticket, The Hangmen, Nikka Costa (certified gold), and Jack Johnson (certified platinum) worked from 1991-2001.

Reinvent or Die: The New King Sound opened it’s doors in September of 2002 and has since then recorded the likes of Fishbone, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, The Warlocks, Phranc, Scenario Rock, Greg Dulli, Rhino Bucket, Paul Plagens, and The Slum Lords.

I became fascinated with vintage recording equipment and started buying and selling it in the early nineties. I kept my “stash” and that’s what The New King Sound is today. A lot of the old (Vintage Neumann and AKG mics, Neve Mic-Pres, Fairchild limiters) and a bit of the new (Pro Tools HD, Apogee 96khz 24bit converters).  Lately, I have been getting in to mastering. I realized I have the same gear and just as good of a set of ears as the mastering elite of LA. (no I have not been to Portland Maine.)

Besides producing The Hangmen, Gifthorse, Lift Ticket, and The Carter Brothers, to name a few, I have engineered for The Blind Boys of Alabama, The Offspring, Wayne Kramer and Brain James, Busta Rhymes, Rod Stewart, Fishbone, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Della Reese, Phranc, The Warlocks, Greg Dulli, The Watts Prophets, Jennifer Lopez, Weezer, Scritti Politti, etc. (Have I left anyone out?)

-Jimmy Sloan
The New King Sound Residential Recording
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